Carsen Layne Gilroy (born November 6, 2008) is an American child whose dad, Chase Gilroy has a popular youtube channel, Gilroy Vlogs.

Early Life

Carsen Layne Gilroy was born on November 6,2008 to Chase Lee Gilroy and Veronica Janelle Gilroy. He is the younger brother of Colin Gilroy and older brother of Eliza Gilroy .


Gilroy Vlogs

Carsen is a main character in Chase 's vlogs. Chase vlogs on everyday life and things going on in his life.


Carsen rarely appears on Chase's close friend, Roman Atwood's channels. Whenever he is either it is when Veronica and Chase take Carsen, Colin, and Eliza to Roman's house, or Roman goes to see them.


Scaring kids to death

Roman and Chase pulled a prank on Colin and Carsen when they showed a video showing a guy who fell into a deep hole, and at the end of the video, Roman and Chase put in an old lady scream and this scares the crap out of Colin and Carsen. Their little cousin, Kane just sits there laughing.