Flash is a Siberian Husky. His owners are Roman Atwood, Brittney Smith, Noah Atwood, Kane Atwood, and Cora Atwood . Flash was bought by Roman,Brittney, and Kane in the vlog," HER NEW PUPPY!!". He is just like Roman and Brittney's other dog, a German Shepard named Zeus. Now, Flash is usually outside hanging with Roman and Brittney's donkey, Empire.


Flash christmas

Flash in Roman's Christmas vlog

Flash and Zeus

Flash with Roman and Brittney's deceased German Shepard, Zeus

Flash best moments

Flash once pooped in the ball pit Roman had. Along with Empire, is out almost every vlog. Usually when Flash is outside he is very muddy when he is done outside.

Things Flash has done

Besides peeing and pooping in the ball pit, Flash has also teared up a dog bone toy and Flash has also slept in the barn Roman and Brittney have for their donkey, Empire.

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