Zeus (January 26, 2010 - February 27, 2017 ) was a German Shepard who lived with Roman Atwood, Brittney Smith, Kane Atwood, and Noah Atwood .

Early Life

Zeus was adopted by Roman sometime in 2010. Roman got an email from a German Shepard breeder, who was going out of town, saying that he could come get a puppy for free. Zeus is full of energy and is sad when Roman leaves, but, is excited when he returns. Zeus always follows Roman around and never leaves his side.

Zeus was loved and adored by millions before and still even after his death.


On February 25th 2017, Zeus was rushed to the Vet as he was drooling, which he really doesn't do, "unless there is a big steak in front of him," said Roman. The vets said there was a lot of fluid building up in his abdomen. It is said to be caused by cancer or something with the lungs. The Vet advised Britt to get the family to spend as much time with Zeus as he'd be lucky to survive the weekend. Then 2 days later On February 27th 2017, Zeus sadly passed away in the early hours of the morning. Roman had confirmed it Via Twitter saying-

"This is so hard for me to post. I am heartbroken and truely sorry to say that late last night we lost Zeus....I am shattered right family and I may disappear for a couple days. Zeus was a family member and will never be forgotten. He was loved by millions. He was my best friend. We all loved him so much. Embarrassing to say I've been crying for hurts so bad. RIP Zeus. Thank you for your loyalty. We love you".

Minutes after people flooded in with condolences to Roman and the family and started to #RIPZeus on Twitter.

Post Death

After Zeus passed away, everyone took the loss hard. But, Roman took it the hardest. Afterwards, fans sent fanmail. For instance, paintings, sculptures, drawings, pictures, and many other things of Zeus. Zeus never got to meet Roman and Brittney's newborn daughter, Cora Atwood .


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